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Directed by Oscar Ruiz Navia, Carlos Moreno, César Augusto Acevedo, William Vega, Jorge Navas, Santiago Lozano

Colombia | 114 minutes | 2021

It's 2023 and a huge environmental and social crisis shakes Cali, Colombia due to water shortages as a result of months of drought and contamination of the city's main water sources. Different inhabitants go about their daily chores, businesses, and activities in the midst of a harsh and savage environment. The city has been split up into two separate zones: a privileged, cordoned-off area, where the wealthiest and most powerful people live, and a so-called dry zone that lacks tap water, and shelters the rest of the population. The dry zone, inhabited by those who laid low by the crisis, is experiencing the highest levels of overwhelming violence, unhealthy conditions, and corruption. Meanwhile, the media has announced a coming rainstorm that has citizens in an uproar.
Director Photo
Oscar Ruiz Navia:
Director of El Vuelco del Cangrejo / Crab Trap premiered at Toronto Film Festival (Discovery) and Berlinale, Forum (FIPRESCI Award). Director of Los Hongos (Special Jury Prize FOP, Locarno), Epifanía (Busan), Fait Vivir (Biarritz) and the short film "Solecito" (Directors’Fortnight, Cannes). Director of the TV series LEONOR and the up-coming NETFLIX series Goles En Contra. Executive Producer of the features La Sirga (Directors’Fortnight, Cannes), Siembra (Locarno), Sal, Tormentero (SXSW ), Dopamina and Selva Trágica (Venice).

Carlos Moreno:
Director of Perro Come Perro (Sundance ), Todos tus Muertos (Sundance ), El Cartel de los Sapos, Qué viva la música (Sundance ) and Lavaperros ( NETFLIX ). He has also directed more than 10 television series, including Escobar, El Patrón del Mal, El Chapo and Distrito Salvaje. Showrunner and director of the upcoming NETFLIX seriesGoles En Contra.

César Augusto Acevedo:
Director of La Tierra y La Sombra, winner of the Camera d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, co-writer of Oscar Ruiz Navia’s Los Hongos and director of the short films "Los Pasos del Agua" (Cannes Critic ́s Week) and "La Campana". He is currently in the development of his second feature film Horizonte, with which he attended the Cinéfondation Residence of the Cannes Film Festival (2018).

William Vega:
Director of La Sirga, premiered in the Directors’ Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival and winner of more than 25 international awards. His second feature film, Sal, premiered at FICCI 2018. Director of the award-winning short films Amnesia, Simiente and Santiamén. He is currently in the development of his third feature film Calostro.

Jorge Navas:
Director of La Sangre y La Lluvia, nominated for the Lion of the Future at the Venice Film Festival. Director of the experimental film adaptation of Andrés Caicedo’s literary work: Calicalabozo, a cult feature film in underground circuits. He also directed Somos Calentura (Palm Springs Film Festival) and the award-winning short films "Alguien Mató Algo" and "Madremonte".

Santiago Lozano Álvarez:
Co-director of Siembra (Locarno Film Festival), Best Film at the Cinélatino Film Festival at Toulouse. Director of the documentary Silo-vé, Un Niño. In 2018 he attended the Cinéfondation Residence at the Cannes Film Festival with his project Yo Vi Tres Luces Negras.
Type of Film Episodic
Country of Origin Colombia
Year Film Was Completed 2021
Runtime 114 minutes
Film Website Visit
Social media Handles @inerciapeliculas, @contravia_films
Director Oscar Ruiz Navia, Carlos Moreno, César Augusto Acevedo, William Vega, Jorge Navas, Santiago Lozano
Created by Oscar Ruiz Navia, Carlos Moreno, César Augusto Acevedo, William Vega, Jorge Navas, Santiago Lozano
Written by Alonso Torres, Oscar Ruiz Navia, César Augusto Acevedo, Carlos Moreno, Genny Cuervo, Jorge Navas and Carlos Téllez.
Edited by Andrés Porras, Felipe Guerrero
Music by Felipe Bravo
Main Cast Serena Hebenstreit, Juan Guillermo Sánchez, Álvaro Rodríguez, Héctor Mejía, Juan Carlos Martínez, Raúl Estrada, Miguel Viera, Wendy Betancourt, Francisco Cucalón, Liliana Montes, Mario Boñalos.
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