Masterclass Videos


LALIFF Masterclass: Experimental Animation

Join LALIFF and LatinX in Animation as we host LatinX short animation filmmakers from LALIFF Connect 2020. Moderated by Simón Wilches-Castro (Creative Director, Titmouse) and José Iñesta (CEO, Pixelatl), we will discuss the inspiration and structure behind the experimental animated shorts and explore the themes touched upon these shorts.

LALIFF Masterclass: Cumbiatón

Cumbiatón is an intergenerational cultural movement which utilizies music and art as a vessel to heal and uplift oppressed hood communities.

LALIFF Masterclass: Sound Design

Join LALIFF as Emmy Award winner PAOLA MAGRANS dives into the world of sound design. She'll share her philosophy, technique and approach to creating phenomenal soundscapes to our favorite stories.

LALIFF Masterclass: Music Composition

LALIFF Connect is proud to bring you the Masterclass for Music Composition. Be sure to dance in your living rooms and don’t worry about the cover fee—LALIFF has you covered!

LALIFF Masterclass: Songwriting

LALIFF Connect proudly brings you the Songwriting and Sync Placement with Jarina de Marco Masterclass with special guest Ashley Levi.

LALIFF Masterclass: The Art of Pitching In the Time Of COVID

Discussion with Anna Sousa, Pete Corona, Diana Mogollon, and Flavio Morales.

LALIFF Masterclass: Latinx in Animation

Join LALIFF and LatinX in Animation as we host LatinX Creators, Artists, and Producers of diverse animated projects. Moderated by Carlos Aguilar, we will discuss the influences behind these talented artists, writers, producers, and creators, and how their unique perspectives have influenced their projects.