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A Love Song in Spanish will be presented with the feature documentary Landfall

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West Coast Premiere

A Love Song in Spanish

Directed by Ana Elena Tejera

France, Panama | 24 minutes | 2021

She lives in lonely monotony, her days are a routine of repetitive actions. Then she stops, and in the silence she remembers the body of a man stroked by war. She tries to free herself of the memory, but the memory goes through the skin. A biographical performance between the director and her grandmother to confront the domestic dictatorship of their family.
Director Photo
Ana Elena Tejera is a Panamanian film director, performer and actress, and she is an artist resident at Le Fresnoy. She worked on the restoration of part of Panama’s film archive at the Filmoteca de Catalunya and the creation of "Festival de la Memoria” an artistic piece of performance and installations in urban spaces recontextualized with images from political archives. She has also worked mixing audiovisuals formats and performance, her last work is “Bla Bla Bla” (2019). Tejera premiered her first film, "Panquiaco" (2020), at the Rotterdam International Film Festival in the official Bright Future Competition.
Type of Film Short
Country of Origin France, Panama
Year Film Was Completed 2021
Runtime 24 minutes
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Director Ana Elena Tejera
Written by Ana Elena Tejera
Producers François Bonenfant
Cinematography Mateo Guzmán
Edited by Ana Elena Tejera
Sound Design Ana Elena Tejera
Main Cast Yolanda Mathieu, Candido Ríos Servicio, Nacional de Fronteras de Panamá