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International Premiere


Directed by Tamara Ajzensztat

Argentina | 7:20 minutes | 2020

Discover someone else’s heartbeats and in the process find your own.

Olivia is a pianist who one day finds a stethoscope on her piano, and while her cat takes a stroll on the keys, decides to listen to its heartbeat. In that moment she has an epiphany: to search for hearts and create melodies with the beats they produce. This story speaks about that moment prior to artistic creation, that moment when we turn to someone else to find something that actually lies within us.
Director Photo
Tamara Ajzensztat has a Director of Photography diploma from the National School of Film (ENERC-INCAA). Since 2009, she works as a camera assistant and digital image technician in films and advertising. A few years ago she started training in writing and script. In 2020, she directed her first short film "Latimos" with the support of the National Film Institute-INCAA 2017, cultural sponsorship from The City of Buenos Aires, and the Mauricio Kagel Art Institute at San Martín National University.
Type of Film Short
Country of Origin Argentina
Year Film Was Completed 2020
Runtime 7:20 minutes
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Director Tamara Ajzensztat
Written by Tamara Ajzensztat
Producers Florencia Franco
Edited by Florencia Vilardebó
Music by Francisco Ponce & Juan Ponce
Sound Design Perro Lobo
Art Direction Elda Broglio