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27, Gone, ¡Sácalo Con Take It Easy USA!, Woke

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Directed by Felix Martiz

United States | 6:21 minutes | 2020

After being separated from her mother, Sarai possesses the power to make others disappear. She begins by disappearing the children of the guards from the detainment center where she's held. The guards suffer the same heartbreak and horror of being separated from their own children.
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Felix Martiz is an award-winning writer, director, and educator based out of Los Angeles who focuses on writing films about the Latinx and migrant experience. Representation, identity and social justice are the themes that he explores in all his screenplays. Being tri-cultural and first-generation gives him a unique perspective on the subject of Latinidad that he explores in scripts like South of East Los and Pima County (finalist at the 2019 Oaxaca Film Festival). His debut film Santiago, as well as his last short film "Kiko," have screened at over thirty film festivals and can currently be seen on Amazon Prime. With a strong sense of story and a passion to tell them, he's helping indie filmmakers realize their stories as a Producer on their films, Lecciones de mi Madre, a Spanish speaking comedy, is the latest production. His short horror drama titled “Gone”, is currently in festivals and has won multiple awards. Martiz also serves as a mentor for the Youth Cinema Project, a program created to teach the cinematic arts to school children in underrepresented communities.
Film Title in Spanish Gone
Type of Film Episodic
Country of Origin United States
Year Film Was Completed 2020
Runtime 6:21 minutes
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Director Felix Martiz
Written by Felix Martiz
Producers Michael Andrew Prieto
Cinematography Matt Carter
Edited by Felix Martiz
Music by Sergio Torres-Letelier
Sound Design Feri Gutierrez Arcelus
Art Direction Buddy Marquecho
Main Cast Bella Kidder, Michael Keeney, Frank Emmis, Abby Carlson, Alexa Oona Shulz