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West Coast Premiere


Directed by Nay Mendl, Rosa Caldeira, Stheffany Fernanda, Vita Pereira

Brazil | 20 minutes | 2019

Luz and Denise grow up in the extreme south of the city of São Paulo, in the midst of the adversities of being LGBT. Between Vogue and poetry, from church to city access; the dreams and uncertainties of youth flood their existences.
Director Photo
Rosa Caldeira is director and director of photography at the community audiovisual production company, Maloka Filmes. A trans and militant filmmaker, Caldeira is always gathering ideas to work with TLGB culture and the periphery. His latest short film, Perifericu, received more than 25 awards. He is a co-creator of Festival Cuir, a film festival on the outskirts of the South Zone of São Paulo that will take place in 2021. He seeks together with his peers to reflect on the image of past experiences in favelas in the first person. Stheffany Fernanda is involved in making films, DJ by chance, studying Latin America, and making history in her spare time. In 2017, she graduated in Audio and Video Production, where she discovered her great love: the audiovisual and the healing process from art. In the same year she joined the Federal University of Latin-American Integration, where she makes, always with a smile on her face, adventures on the Triple Border of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. Vita Pereira is a multi-artist, transvestite and cultural producer. Pereira studied Pedagogy and Theater. She has several works in cinema, visual arts, theater, education, fashion, among others. She currently lives at the crossroads of the interior of São Paulo and the capital. Nay Mendl is a peripheral, trans-male filmmaker from the outskirts of São Paulo and he is majoring in Cinema and Audiovisual at the Federal University of Latin American Integration. He is a director, director of photography, and editor. His studies focus on the representation of dissident and peripheral bodies in contemporary cinema, and his work seeks to decolonize narratives, in his journey for the lgbt and Latin American peripheral cinema.
Type of Film Short
Country of Origin Brazil
Year Film Was Completed 2019
Runtime 20 minutes
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Social media Handles // @naymendl @roseirando @vitapereiraa @caladasthe
Director Nay Mendl, Rosa Caldeira, Stheffany Fernanda, Vita Pereira
Written by Winnie Carolina, Nay Mendl, Rosa Caldeira, Stheffany Fernanda e Vita Pereira
Producers Nayana Ferreira, Wellington Amorim
Cinematography Nay Mendl, Rosa Caldeira e Wellington Amorim
Edited by Samya Carvalho e Rosa Caldeira
Sound Design Alandson Silva
Art Direction Bruna Lima
Main Cast Vita Pereira and Ingrid Martins