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West Coast Premiere

The Libertarian

Directed by Eugenio Gómez Borrero

Colombia | 14:54 minutes | 2019

A story about a ghost ship, a slave rebellion, and the eternal struggle for freedom.

In the midst of fireflies and mangroves, the musician Papámarimba narrates the legend of The Libertarian. A story about a ghost ship, a slave rebellion, and the eternal struggle for freedom. But his son Canchimalo no longer believes in these stories. He thinks they are just superstitions that keep his people in backwardness. A challenge that will bring him face-to-face with the spirits of his ancestors.
Director Photo
Eugenio Gómez Borrero is a playwright, screenwriter, teacher of creative writing and Colombian audiovisual director. Since 2010 he has been exploring audiovisual narratives with documentaries Umbílical Circus (2013), Pregón de Manglar (2015); and the short film "María de los Esteros" (2018), winner of more than 23 national and international awards. He is the director and screenwriter of Cinespina, where he currently directs Canchimalo Guerrero Marimba, a 3D animation feature that is under development.
Film Title in Spanish El Libertario
Type of Film Short
Country of Origin Colombia
Year Film Was Completed 2019
Runtime 14:54 minutes
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Director Eugenio Gómez Borrero
Written by Eugenio Gómez Borrero
Producers Elicenia Ramírez Vásquez - Eugenio Gómez Borrero
Cinematography Eugenio Gómez Borrero
Edited by José David Molina
Music by José Cuero - Helena Hinestroza - Sergio Gutiérrez
Sound Design Sergio Gutiérrez Zuluaga
Art Direction José David Molina
Main Cast Mario Riascos - Christofer Dávila