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Eagles, At Last, Estilo Americano, No Thank You, Water, With His Eyes Closed, Worry Dolls

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At Last, Eagles, In Case I'm Next, Malinchista, No Thank You, Nuevo Rico, Water, With His Eyes Closed, Worry Dolls

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Directed by Brittney Rae Carrera

United States | 16:28 minutes | 2020

In an alternate universe of 1967, in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement of the U.S., members of a dystopian Miami landscape struggle with social norms and Identity. Childhood best friends Lucy and Julian find each other again at an underground rebellion, under deadly circumstances.

In a dystopian Miami landscape in the late 1960's, Lucy, is trapped in a cult-like pool club; an example of a social group reinforcing societal pressures of conformity. In this world, at the age of ten everyone is required to choose a social group and assimilate; they are separated by gender and arranged by skin-tone. As a result of unorthodox family dynamics, Lucy is self-aware and independent at a young age, a trait that carries onto her young adult life. While in shock after discovering her mother's sudden death, Julian, her estranged friend from a different social group, invites Lucy to a secret gathering of rogue members (each member represent real civil rights activists of the 1960's), who are high in revelry and speak on ideologies rebelling against "the American dream." This complicated friendship tethers back and forth, and these tensions are released in a climax, representing Lucy's first step towards enlightenment. The following morning, we learn that most of the actions are reset by a powerful individual who represents their government, Dr. George Star.
Director Photo
Brittney Rae Carrera (known as: Brittney Rae) was born and raised in Miami in a Cuban-American household. She started as a young photographer, production designer, then actress. In pursuit of acting, she relocated to New York City in 2016, where she did comedy on stage and transitioned to writing and directing her own work. Brittney Rae has spoken on a panel at San Diego Comic-Con, and she represented Women in Film on a panel at the Mammoth Film Festival. She was one of six filmmakers accepted by the Sundance Institute Short Film Intensive for the development of her film Water, and later, Sundance further supported her. Brittney Rae's completed works include three short films: "Kin" (2018), "Proximity" (2019) and "Water" (2020).
Type of Film Short
Country of Origin United States
Year Film Was Completed 2020
Runtime 16:28 minutes
Film Website Visit
Social media Handles @watershortfilm
Director Brittney Rae Carrera
Written by Brittney Rae
Producers Pamela Longsword, Frantzy Moreau, Eddie Mariano, FilmGate
Cinematography Marcello Peschiera
Edited by Anthony Misiano
Music by Bailey Goldberg and Zachary Stein
Sound Design Anthony Misiano
Art Direction Morgan Morgan
Main Cast Brittney Rae, Frantzy Moreau, David Jura, Daryl Meyer, Ricky Herrera, Nina Marie Daniele, John Hein, Andres Simonian