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Directed by Jorge G. Camarena

United States | 18 minutes | 2021

When a Latina transwoman in East L.A. is on the verge of losing her daughter to child protective services, she begins to unravel as she is forced to confront her buried traumas and fears.

Spaceship is the story of Maria, a latina transwoman living in East L.A. with her daughter Alex. They have a close bond where they talk about their dreams and distant worlds, creating their own emotional safe place. After being evicted from their home, by someone in their own Latino community, Maria struggles to find a second job in order to put a roof over their heads. It all comes crashing down when Alex's teacher, fueled by transphobia, questions Maria's ability to care for her daughter, and calls child protective services. When custody of her daughter is at stake, Maria begins to unravel as she is forced to confront her buried traumas and fears while fighting to keep her family together.
Director Photo
Jorge G. Camarena is a Mexican writer/director based in L.A. He holds an MFA in Directing from the AFI Conservatory and is a BAFTA Newcomers talent. His AFI Thesis Spaceship was awarded the Sloan Foundation Production Grant and is currently being submitted to festivals. It has received a Student Emmy nomination, an ASC Student Nomination, won a grand prize at the DGA Student Awards, and a Gotham Award for Student Short. His Music videos have been nominated for Best Video at the Latin Grammy Awards, 4 nominations for the MTV Video Awards and have been reviewed by Rolling Stone, Billboard, Vice and Remezcla. Influenced by the imagery and magical aspects along with the harsh reality of his country, Jorge is drawn to explore narratives that are constantly ignored, the beauty of broken things and how they connect us. He is currently in development of his debut narrative feature.
Type of Film Short
Country of Origin United States
Year Film Was Completed 2021
Runtime 18 minutes
Film Website Visit
Social media Handles @spaceship_the_film
Director Jorge G. Camarena
Produced by Roxanne Griffith
Written by Jorge G. Camarena and Victor Gabriel
Cinematography Kadri Koop
Edited by Mengyao Mia Zhang
Music by Diego Rangel
Art Direction Esmé Cruz Jackson
Main Cast Carlie Guevara, Chloe Jo Rountree,Rogelio T. Ramos, Pamela Shaddock, Eduardo Roman, Kazandra Santana