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Inclusion Fellowship - Indigenous Latino Cohort includes BACK TO NORMAL, DEATH IN TRAINING, DEVELOPMENT, Na Savi and WORTHY

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Death in Training

Directed by Miguel Angel Duran

United States | 14 min | 2023

On his first day as a trainee, Death mistakenly takes the wrong soul and embarks on a hilarious journey trying to correct his mistake, but his antics only seem to cause more chaos and confusion in this zany comedy.

Death in Training is a comedic take on the origin story of the grim reaper. In this reimagining, Death is a clumsy 20-year-old trainee who must collect one soul in order to become the next Soul Collector. But when he mistakenly takes the soul of the wrong patient, he embarks on a wild journey with John's nurse, Mariela, to return the soul and fulfill his destiny.
Director Photo
Miguel Angel Durán is an accomplished writer and director, dedicated to telling stories from the Latino perspective. Based in Los Angeles, Miguel has worked on documentaries, films, and branded content, receiving numerous awards and recognition for his work.

In 2020, Miguel directed Immigrant Voices of America, an eight-episode documentary series that won the Jury Award for Best Episodic Documentary at the 2020 Bentonville Film Festival. After a decade in the documentary space, Miguel has expanded his portfolio to include narrative work. His pilot for A Mother's Love was selected as a semi-finalist in the 2021 ScreenCraft’s TV Pilot Script Competition. His feature-length script, Viva el Rock!, is currently trending on The Black List.

In 2022, Miguel was appointed as Head of Production at Avenida Studios, a Latino-owned movie studio disrupting Hollywood by empowering independent filmmakers.
Type of Film Inclusion Fellowship
Country of Origin United States
Year Film Was Completed 2023
Runtime 14 min
Social media Handles @deathintraining, @itsmiguelduran, @avenidaproductions
Director Miguel Angel Duran
Written by Miguel Angel Duran
Cinematography Iliana Ipes
Edited by Miguel Angel Duran
Music by Joaquin Lichtle
Sound Design Nicolas Osorio
Art Direction Vince Sanchez
Main Cast Jared Treviño, Mariel Martinez, Carlo Allen