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Inclusion Fellowship - Indigenous Latino Cohort includes BACK TO NORMAL, DEATH IN TRAINING, DEVELOPMENT, Na Savi and WORTHY

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Directed by Chloe Caudillo

United States | 9 min | 2023

Struggling to climb the corporate ladder, a Latina office worker finally lands a leadership training seminar, only to realize that to be successful, trainees must become clones of the boss.

For years, Estefani Guerrero has watched her colleagues move up the corporate ladder while she’s been stuck in career limbo. When she finally lands a spot in a leadership development training, she’s hopeful that her shot to break through her job’s extremely low glass ceiling has finally arrived.

The training is filled with corporate strivers who look nothing like Estefani… except for Allie, a Latina colleague who has faced adversity as the only deaf employee at the company and is determined to break up the “boys’ club”. Their moment of bonding is broken when Chris, the corporation’s leader (and Nepotism Baby) starts to dole out advice. Those who buy into Chris’s mantra not only win his approval, but become his CLONES. With a room full of Clones, only Estefani and Allie are left. Will they take the blame and become two more Clones, or will they find a new way to lead?
Director Photo
Chloe is an award-winning filmmaker who hails from the vast cornfields of DeKalb, IL. She grew up code-switching between her Mexican working-class family and American Catholic school peers and teachers. Though it felt like a curse at the time, it made her extremely perceptive of cultural and class differences. A graduate of The Second City’s Harold Ramis Film School, Chloe is passionate about using genre for social commentary. She writes stories about unconventional protagonists who are unlikely agents of change.
Type of Film Inclusion Fellowship
Country of Origin United States
Year Film Was Completed 2023
Runtime 9 min
Director Chloe Caudillo
Written by Chloe Caudillo
Cinematography Kim Cohen
Edited by Sabra Stratton
Music by Denisse Ojeda
Sound Design Louie Recinos
Art Direction Bernie Macías-Hernández
Main Cast Haskiri Velazquez, Raquel McPeek Rodriguez, Leticia Castillo, Jeff Lorch, Kate Cook, Andrew Knox, Jim Belden, Mark Larwood, and Sal Lopez