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US Premiere

Èṣù and The Universe

Directed by Thiago Zanato

Brazil | 95 min | 2022

In Brazil, a country where religious freedom is under attack and racism is a systemic issue, a Nigerian professor and his community struggle to prove that their god Èṣù is not the devil.

Èṣù was a sacred African god for thousands of years, but today, after over 300 years of slavery, Èṣù is seen on late night TV shows, during live exorcism sessions where he is sent "back to hell". How can Èṣù be both worshipped as a god and hated like the devil?

Èṣù and the Universe is a poetic excursion into the universe of Èṣù and the historical struggle against the forces that insist in demonizing Yoruba culture and their people, while exploring how, despite being on the brink of extinction, it has resisted and flourished again around the world.
Director Photo
Thiago Zanato is a Brazilian filmmaker living in Los Angeles, California. Born in a family of Italian immigrants in Brazil and having migrated to the US himself, his work is focused on the search for belonging and the enriching clash between cultures.

Thiago started as a creative director working at advertising agencies. His passion for film has led him to work as a creative director on film projects such as "I'm Here" (Sundance, 2010), directed by Spike Jonze and "NY-Z", featuring Jay-Z. In 2013 he started Black Magic, a production company operating in New York and São Paulo.
Type of Film Feature
Country of Origin Brazil
Year Film Was Completed 2022
Runtime 95 min
Social media Handles @esufilm
Director Thiago Zanato
Produced by Chica Barbosa, Luciana Druzina, Carla Osorio
Written by Prof. King, Thiago Zanato and Marcos Valadão
Cinematography Marco Antonio Ferreira
Edited by Danilo Conceição dos Santos
Music by Dinho Nascimento, Thiago Zanato, Max Blum, Johnny Boy, Nasi, Oduduwa Community
Sound Design Tiago Bello
Main Cast Prof. King, Julio Cezar de Andrade, Jasmina Audič, Iya Esu, Kola Tubosun, Nasi, Willians Santana de Carvalho.