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Cumbia Urbana

¿Qiensave? (Quien-Sa-Be) is a Cumbia Urbana group from Salinas, California with roots stretching back to Michoacán, Mexico. ¿Qiensave? creates high-energy dance music that has fortunately blessed the band with the opportunity to perform throughout California, Arizona, Mexico and Colombia. While ¿Qiensave? has existed as a musical entity since 2009. Within the last few years, the band has picked up steam through touring, releasing their album “Mujer” in 2019.

In 2020 ¿Qiensave? released two singles. The first is a cover of Chico Che’s cult classic “Mata De Mota'', which features Los Angeles based Psychedelic Cumbia band Tropa Magica, and the second single released is a retro-sounding quebradita produced by Eduardo Arenas of Chicano Batman called “El DUI”. In 2021 ¿Qiensave? released “La Poderosa'' on International Women’s Day, as the song is a celebration of all poderosa women who have supported the band along their journey. ¿Qiensave? In late 2021 the band released the single for “Para Poderte Olvidar” to rave reviews, with over 20 outlets writing reviews and promoting the single. Para Poderte Olvidar is produced by Sam Pura of Panda Studios and it's the story of a person doing everything they can to forget about their former love.

In the summer of 2022 ¿Qiensave? released their following single ""Quemayama"". A powerful song originally created by poet/musician Patricio Hidalgo, which tells the story of pain and healing. followed by the release of their anticipated EP ""El After"" at the end of summer 22. ¿Qiensave? is currently in the studio working on new material, in preparation for a summer 23 release.

¿Qiensave? Consist of five members who are, Carlos L Cortez (Rhythm Guitar/Vox), Alejandro Gomez (Lead Guitar/Vox), Mario Cortez (Guida/Keyboard/Vox), Ricardo Cortez (Drums/Vox), and William Cortez (Bass). ¿Qiensave? has shared the stage with acts like Grupo Kual, La Misa Negra, Celso Piña, La Santa Cecilia, Las Cafeteras, Little Jesus, Fuerza de Tijuana, É. Arenas, Tropa Magica, El Dusty, La Ronda Bogotá, Bang Data, and several other bands.
Hometown Salinas, CA
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