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Inclusion Fellowship - Indigenous Latino Cohort includes BACK TO NORMAL, DEATH IN TRAINING, DEVELOPMENT, Na Savi and WORTHY

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Na Savi

Directed by Sofia Ayerdi

United States, Mexico | 15 min | 2023

As its tradition in her indigenous tribe, fourteen year old Areli is set to be married, she will have to choose between her community's traditions or what she truly desires.

"Na Savi" is the story of a fourteen year old girl named Areli, who lives in a small indigenous community in Mexico. One day coming home from school, Areli discovers that her father, Tomás, and his friend Luis have agreed to Areli marrying off to Luis's son Octavio; her bride price: a cow and eight thousand pesos. Areli's mother, Yolanda, is reluctant about the decision but is powerless. After the cow being sacrificed and the money being payed, Areli has no other choice than to marry. The film ends with a heartbroken Areli running away from her home finding along her path something she didn't expect.
Director Photo
Sofia Ayerdi is a Mexican writer and director. She is an alumna of the renowned Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Gold Rising Program, and was chosen as a Trophy Presenter for the 94th Academy Awards. She is a fellow of Blackmagic Collective, from Blackmagic Design, and was part of the First Frame Initiative for emerging directors. She is also part of the Chicana Director's Initiative and is 1 of 10 chosen fellows for the 2023 LALIFF and Netflix Inclusion Fellowship.

She founded her production company, Zanate Films, with the purpose of promoting filmmaking in Tecpan de Galeana, Mexico, the town where she is from.

She has been interviewed in Good Morning America, Spectrum News 1, EFE Noticias, among others, for her work both as a filmmaker and as a member of a diverse community.
Type of Film Inclusion Fellowship
Country of Origin United States, Mexico
Year Film Was Completed 2023
Runtime 15 min
Social media Handles @nasavifilm, @sofiayerdi, @ferrrmedina, @felipe-oranch, @hatueyviveros, @jomidelgado
Director Sofia Ayerdi
Written by Sofia Ayerdi
Cinematography Hatuey Viveros
Edited by Pedro García
Music by Jomi Delgado
Sound Design Pablo Fernández
Art Direction Elmer Figueroa
Main Cast Allison Santiago, Ixchel Flores, Mauricio Pimentel, Gilberto Barraza, Sebastián García, Daniel Ábrego, Víctor Báez