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Patria y Vida: The Power of Music

Directed by Beatriz Luengo

USA | 88 min | 2023

Six afro descendants rappers who have rewritten Cuban history spark a lyrical battle for human rights through a song called "Patria y Vida". An inspiring story about the value of music as a social transformer.

The powerful story of six afro descendants rappers who have rewritten Cuban history and sparked a lyrical battle for human rights through a song called "Patria y Vida". The song has become a revolution in the streets of Cuba, and it has been banned by the government, which imprison people for the simple act of listening to it.

Maykel Osorbo, one of the rappers of the song, is in a high security prison in Pinar del Rio because during the massive protests of July 11th, 2021 in the island, "Patria y Vida" was the loudest cry heard from the crowd. Meanwhile, Yotuel, leader of the Orishas band and the creator of the song, is forced into an exile that bans him from coming back to his country. Alexander and Randy, two of the rappers, admit that after the release of the song they received a phone call from the FBI warning them of a kidnapping order.
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Beatriz Luengo is a Spanish musician, actress, dancer, and entrepreneur based in Miami. She gained international recognition by portraying Lola Fernández in the Antena 3 series "One Step Forward" and its spin-off musical group UPA Dance. In Patria y Vida: The Power of Music, Beatriz Luengo, makes her debut as director, offering a privileged view of the creation of the song "Patria y Vida", "Fatherland and Life", and the impact of the music on its creators and the millions of Cubans around the world.
Film Title in English Homeland and Life: The Power of Music
Type of Film Feature
Country of Origin USA
Year Film Was Completed 2023
Runtime 88 min
Social media Handles @beatrizluengo, @yotuel, @gentedezona, @alexandergdz, @randy_malcom, @elfunkycuba
Director Beatriz Luengo
Produced by Mike Fux, Gloria Rubin
Written by Beatriz Luengo, Nerea Crespo
Cinematography Horacio Martinez
Edited by Javi Frutos, Toni Frutos
Music by Alean Imbert
Sound Design Javi Frutos, Antonio Frutos
Art Direction Grace Gonzalez
Main Cast Yotuel Romero, Maykel Osorbo, Alexander Delgado, Luis Manuel Otero, Randy Malcom