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Inclusion Fellowship - Afro Latino Cohort includes LEGEND OF EL CUCUY, MARQUE DOS, PUNTA SALINA, SISTERS BY WATER, SUPA HAIR and URIE

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Sisters By Water

Directed by Shenny De Los Angeles

United States | 15 min | 2023

A Caribbean-American coming-of-age story. Two best friends, bonded by a shared fear of getting into the ocean, heal generational fears through the intimacy of sisterhood.

"Sisters By Water" poetically chronicles a friendship between Ambar (a Dominican-American femme) and Larimar (a Haitian-American femme). Their entire lives, both Ambar and Larimar have feared the ocean because it required a sense of self-acceptance they never felt within.

Their fear of the getting into the water intersects with Ambar's relationship to body dysmorphia and Larimar’s sexual shame. Growing up, feeling the weight of what their mothers could never heal from, they lean on each other to alchemize the wounds of their childhood.
Director Photo
Shenny de Los Angeles is a Dominican-American Interdisciplinary Performance Artist. Centralizing Black & Brown Caribbean femmes in every body of work, Shenny's stories affirm the beauty of being alive. Her short film, The Ritual to Beauty, received the Grand Jury Prize at Slamdance and is also now available to stream on The New Yorker. They have also been commissioned by Latina Magazine, Mabou Mines Theatre, Ceremonia, Latinx Playwright Circle, and Harlem Stage, to name a few. Currently, as an Artist in Residence at Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Shenny is exploring ritual performance pieces that integrate spoken word in theatrical and cinematic form. Learn more about their work at
Type of Film Inclusion Fellowship
Country of Origin United States
Year Film Was Completed 2023
Runtime 15 min
Director Shenny De Los Angeles
Written by Shenny De Los Angeles
Cinematography Stefan Nachmann
Edited by Amanda Morell
Music by Kyle Rodriguez
Sound Design Jose Benjamin Escobar
Art Direction Vince Sanchez
Main Cast Ava Marie Threat, Cristina Encarnación, Liliam Montilla, Amina Massai, Vanessa Green- Skyrmes, Rose Cadeau