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Changüí Majadero

Afro-Cuban, Salsa

Changüí Majadero is a Los Angeles-based band that blends traditional Afro-Cuban music with modern influences to create a unique sound that has been captivating audiences for years. The band's name is derived from the Cuban musical style changüí, which originated in the eastern region of the country in the late 19th century.

Formed in 2012, Changüí Majadero has been at the forefront of the West Coast's Latin music scene, performing at festivals, clubs, and cultural events throughout the United States. The band consists of a group of highly skilled musicians who bring their own unique styles and influences to the group's sound.

Changüí Majadero's music is characterized by its infectious rhythms, intricate melodies, and improvisational nature. The band's repertoire includes traditional Cuban styles such as son, bolero, and of course, changüí, as well as other genres such as Latin jazz and Salsa.

Led by vocalist and tres player Gabriel Garcia, Changüí Majadero has released several albums, including their debut self-titled album in 2015, ""El Changüí Majadero"" in 2018, and ""Live for the Library of Congress"" in 2020. The band's music has received critical acclaim for its authenticity, creativity, and energy.

With their dynamic live performances and innovative approach to traditional Cuban music, Changüí Majadero has established themselves as one of the most exciting and original bands in the Latin music scene.
Hometown Los Angeles, CA
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