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Estilo Americano

Directed by Miriam Kruishoop

United States | 23 minutes | 2020

What is supposed to be a festive family gathering turns into an explosive showdown when siblings with opposing political views clash. Embroiled in the conflict, each family member reveals painful truths. As everyone struggles with their own deeply ingrained beliefs, we wonder if the family can ever overcome their differences.

Estilo Americano is a timely film about family and politics in the age of Trump. What does it mean to be Latino in the United States of America today? Whether one choses to identify as Hispanic, Afro-Latino, or the increasingly popular Latinx, Latinos have yet to consolidate a powerful notion of identity based on racial solidarity. Anti-immigrant attitudes that have been stoked in the U.S. in recent years have climaxed with ascendant white nativism and the election of Donald Trump. The film addresses the biggest current topic in the U.S., highlighting the way Latinos continue to be targets of racism. The story also explores the struggles that exists between generations of Latino immigrants and the lack of solidarity between Latino nationalities.
Director Photo
Miriam Kruishoop is a Dutch-American, award-winning filmmaker. She graduated with honors from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Kruishoop won the "Citroen Award" at the Dutch Film Festival for “Best Graduation Film”, for her short "Da Silva." She wrote and directed her first feature film Vive Elle when she was still in school. Kruishoop won multiple awards for her short films "Sometimes It's Hard To Be A Woman," "Da Silva," and "Vedette." Her debut feature film Vive Elle granted her a Tiger Award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. She received multiple Gouden Kalf Award nominations at the Dutch Film Festival for her feature Unter den Palmen. She won the Culture Prize of the City of Amsterdam for her visual art and was a runner up for the National Dutch Culture Prize. The award-winning feature film Greencard Warriors tells the story of an undocumented Latino family whose eldest son is recruited by the army with the promise of a greencard. Kruishoop won Best Director awards at multiple festivals, including LALIFF. The film had a limited theatrical release through AMC Independent and was featured on HBO Latino.
Type of Film Short
Country of Origin United States
Year Film Was Completed 2020
Runtime 23 minutes
Film Website Visit
Social media Handles @mike.teevee
Director Miriam Kruishoop
Written by Miriam Kruishoop
Producers Ellen Utrecht
Cinematography David J. Frederick
Edited by Todd Sandler
Music by Toni M. Mir
Sound Design Eleven
Art Direction Aurelie Taillefer