In its second year, LFI Works in Progress sponsored by Amazon Studios, supports independent US based Latino filmmakers in the completion of a feature film (fiction or documentary). The program grants finishing funds towards the final stages of post-production. The fund supports films with high production value, a distinctive directorial voice, culturally significant and commercially viable.

The fund allocates $50,000 between three projects selected through an open call. A jury of industry professionals divides the funds among the projects, based on their post production needs.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Open to USA productions directed by a filmmaker who identifies as Latino.
  • The applicant (director or producer) must be 18+ years of age.
  • Directors need to reside in the USA (including continental USA, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands).
  • Applications can be completed by:
    • Individuals
    • Production companies based in the USA
  • Projects must submit a fine cut. Funds will be awarded for final stages of post-production (VFX, color correction, sound design, final sound mix, packaging, deliverables).
  • Projects must be independently produced.
  • Projects must be feature length (minimum 70 min), fiction or documentary.
  • Selected projects commit to completion within 8 months from fund allocation.
  • If the funds allocated are not enough to cover the cost of finishing the project, the awarded funds will be released upon submission of proof of additional funding.
  • Student films or TV/Web pilots are not eligible.

The awarded funds CAN be used for:

  • Costs associated with color correction and final grading
  • Costs associated with sound completion (including soundtrack)
  • Costs associated with master outputs and deliverables

The awarded funds CANNOT be used for:

  • Above the line fees
  • Costs not directly associated with post-production as described above
  • Legal and accounting costs
  • Re-shoots, stock footage
  • Capital expenditure
  • Film festival submission or screening costs
  • Retroactive costs (already endured by the film)
If you have any questions email us at wipcoordinator@latinofilm.org