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The Virgin, The Old Lady, The Journey

Directed by Natalia Luque Barrios

Chile, Spain, United States | 9:50 minutes | 2020

Away from her family, Rocío finds a way to say her last goodbyes to her grandmother, who is about to pass away.

Rocío, a Colombian immigrant living in New York, is forced to work as a cleaner. After a phone call with her family, she learns that her grandmother is severely ill and is about to pass away. While communicating from long distance becomes more difficult, Rocío has no choice but to rely on technology to say farewell to her grandmother.
Director Photo
Natalia Luque is a Chilean director and screenwriter currently pursuing a Film MFA at Columbia University in New York. Her short film “Soy Sola” has screened in Latin America, Europe and United States, where it was granted the Jury Award on the DGA Student Competition. Currently, she is distributing her latest short film “The Virgin, The Old Lady, The Journey” (SANFIC, Torino); she is developing her first feature film Decorous Woman, which recently won a national grant; and she prepares her thesis short film “So They Say,” which will be shot in Southern Chile.
Film Title in Spanish La Virgen, La Vieja, El Viaje
Type of Film Short
Country of Origin Chile, Spain, United States
Year Film Was Completed 2020
Runtime 9:50 minutes
Film Website Visit
Social media Handles IG @natiluque-b
Director Natalia Luque Barrios
Written by Natalia Luque Barrios
Producers Marta Cruañas Compes
Cinematography Gianna Badiali
Edited by Natalia Luque Barrios, Kathy E Mitrani
Music by Carlos Aznárez
Sound Design Rachel Rhodes
Art Direction Melanie May
Main Cast Laura Osma, Siouxsie Suárez