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Oliver & the Pool

Directed by Arcadi Palerm-Artis

Mexico | 102 minutes | 2021

Oliver, a 13 year old only child, comes home from the crematory and camps out poolside on a chaise lounge holding his father ashes. In that chaise, Oliver confronts forgiveness, regains his jovial nature, and he even falls in love.

When something unexpected happens in 13-year-old Oliver's family, all he wants to do is hide under a rock. He takes up residence on a poolside chaise lounge and finds no reason to moveā€“ever. Life swirls around him, revealing secrets and presenting new challenges. Through moments of death, potty, and basic physics, Oliver learns that some truths just can't be ignored.
Director Photo
Arcadi Palerm-Artis was born and raised in Mexico City. As a child, he wanted to be a tourist when he grew up. Later, after watching spaghetti westerns on Betamax with his father, he decided he'd rather be a cowboy. Palerm-Artis has written and directed three narrative short films, which received awards and recognition in Mexico and internationally. He has also written for advertising campaigns and collaborated as a writer for various projects, most recently for the first season of the acclaimed Netflix series Taco Chronicles. Palerm-Artis is making his feature film debut with Oliver & the Pool, which he co-wrote and directed. Although he no longer dreams of being a cowboy, he has written several screenplays from his current home in Texas.
Type of Film Feature
Country of Origin Mexico
Year Film Was Completed 2021
Runtime 102 minutes
Social media Handles @oliverio_y_la_piscina
Director Arcadi Palerm-Artis
Written by Arcadi Palerm-Artis & Gibran Portela
Edited by Abraham Castillo
Music by Jacobo Lieberman
Main Cast Monica Huarte, Alejandro Arena, Jorge Zarate, Cesar Troncoso, Jacobo Lieberman, Camila Calonico