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Directed by Lorena Padilla

Mexico | 93 min | 2023

Martínez, a cranky bureaucrat resisting retirement, receives a gift from a deceased neighbor and finally begins to enjoy life through her old belongings.

Martínez is a lonely man who is forced to face his imminent retirement when Pablo, the guy that is going to replace him, is appointed to work right next to him. His monotonous and routinary life gets altered when a neighbor is found dead in his building.

Oddly enough, Martinez discovers that the neighbor has left him a present. At first, involved with his personal struggles, he doesn't care about the gift, but later his curiosity is awoken. Little by little, Martínez dives into the neighbors universe, allowing it to affect his own monotonous present.
Director Photo
Lorena Padilla holds an MFA in Dramatic Writing from NYU/ Tisch School of the Arts, where she attended as a Fulbright scholar. She is the co-writer of 499 by Rodrigo Reyes and winner of the Best Cinematography Award at the Tribeca Film Festival 2020. Martínez, her feature directing debut, participated at Berlinale Talents, Torino Film Lab, Cine Qua Non Lab and was supported by IMCINE, Tribeca Film Institute, Filma Jalisco Fund and Austin Film Society Fund. She served as head of Berlinale Talents at Guadalajara Film Festival in 2021.
Type of Film Feature
Country of Origin Mexico
Year Film Was Completed 2023
Runtime 93 min
Social media Handles @martinezthefilm
Director Lorena Padilla
Produced by Georgina Gonzalez
Written by Lorena Padilla
Cinematography Gerardo Guerra
Edited by Liora Spilk
Music by Alvaro Arce
Sound Design Alvaro Arce
Art Direction Maite Perez Nievas, Marianne Cebrian
Main Cast Francisco Reyes, Humberto Busto, Martha Claudia Moreno