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Inés Unfortunately

Directed by Anna Salinas

USA | 13 min | 2022

After getting her heart broken, Inés decides she must end it all... That is, until her perfectly planned suicide is interrupted by the ghost of her chatty Cuban neighbour.

Sixteen-year-old Ines is tired of feeling like the world doesn't appreciate her. For one thing, she's too smart for Miami. She's read the first three chapters of Kafka's "Metamorphosis" and she listens to Johannes Brahms... on vinyl! Karina Torres broke her heart into pieces, which was both unfortunate and embarrassing, so it's time to end it all. Which is exactly what Ines plans to do -that is, until her perfect plan is interrupted by the ghost of her chatty neighbor, an older and opinionated Cuban woman. If she hopes to succeed, Ines must find a way to get rid of Neli... or risk being stuck with her forever.
Director Photo
Anna is a Cuban/Puerto Rican - Swedish TV writer, comedian, filmmaker, and artist based in Los Angeles and originally from Sarasota, Florida. She is also the creator of the viral webcomic "Bad Comix By Anna", which chronicles her struggles with anxiety, depression, and cheese.

Anna's written on various shows including "Flatbush Misdemeanors" (Showtime), "Loot" (AppleTV), "Guru Nation" (Paramount+), and Netflix's "Big Mouth" spin-off "Human Resources". Her half-hour spy comedy, "Inside Cunt" was named to the Blacklist Latinx TV list, and earned her a blind script deal with Hulu. Anna also developed a live-action shortform series with Disney, called "Genesis Queen of the Sea".
Type of Film Short
Country of Origin USA
Year Film Was Completed 2022
Runtime 13 min
Social media Handles @badcomixbyanna, @heymarcelperez, @breamascorro, @lalidiaporto, @jessica_elaina_eason
Director Anna Salinas
Produced by Marcel Pérez
Written by Anna Salinas
Cinematography Steven A. Soria
Edited by Lily Judge
Music by María Eugenia León
Sound Design Dave Becker
Art Direction Astrid Anderson
Main Cast Brea Gonzalez, Lidia Porto, Jessica Elaina Eason