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Inclusion Fellowship - Afro Latino Cohort includes LEGEND OF EL CUCUY, MARQUE DOS, PUNTA SALINA, SISTERS BY WATER, SUPA HAIR and URIE

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Legend of El Cucuy

Directed by Cynthia Garcia Williams

United States | 15 min | 2023

A mother refuses to discipline her misbehaved child, opens the door for a visit from El Cucuy , and pays the ultimate price for her indifference.

“Legend of El Cucuy” is a cautionary tale. Laura and her husband Carlos are permissive parents, and their choice to raise their daughter Isabel without discipline has resulted in a very rude, disobedient child. Carlos is having doubts about their behavioral strategy, but Laura is determined to make different choices from their parents. Against his better judgment, Carlos tells Laura about El Cucuy’s origins, and that same night, El Cucuy pays the family a visit.
Director Photo
Cynthia Garcia Williams is a California native born to a mother from Matanzas, Cuba, and a father from Guadalajara, Mexico. Three years ago, Cynthia discovered her deep passion for storytelling in the form of screenwriting, and ever since, her stories have focused on empowering and celebrating the human experience and spirit. Cynthia weaves magic into her stories and characters by using her rich, familial heritage, ancestral faith, and generational resilience.

In 2021, Cynthia made her directorial debut with the award-winning film, "Dukkha," a film based on her journey to sobriety that she created as a mentee in the Women of Color Filmmakers Director’s Lab. Six months later, Cynthia wrote and directed another award-winning film,"Bilongo," an Afro-Cuban folk story that pays homage to her ancestral roots. Throughout 2022, Cynthia worked on over a dozen sets. She also wrote and directed, "The Bible Thumper and The Bruja," a comedy that ignites the imagination and revels in the power and the vulnerabilities of humankind. Cynthia was also chosen as a mentee with Unlock Her Potential.
Type of Film Inclusion Fellowship
Country of Origin United States
Year Film Was Completed 2023
Runtime 15 min
Social media Handles @legendofelcucuy
Director Cynthia Garcia Williams
Created by Cynthia Garcia Williams
Written by Cynthia Garcia Williams
Cinematography Ashton Rae
Edited by Marcella Garcia
Music by Paul Myles Zambrano
Sound Design Paul Myles Zambrano
Art Direction Skye Shepard
Main Cast Diana Sanches, David Jofre,Obriella Genesis Witron Effie Cararnakis, Hannah Zamora, Isabella Fell, Vanessa Arcia, Nicci Bates