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West Coast Premiere

The Shape of Things to Come

Directed by V. Checa

Peru | 82 minutes | 2021

In a dystopian city that resembles Lima, Peru, Teo, a twelve year old boy, works with his father Luis maintaining a strange machine meant to generate rain over a severely droughty city. Luis, obsessed with making the machine work, puts the machine at risk in the face of constant embargoes and threats from authorities. Teo, seeking to help his father, gets involved with a gang of young spies led by twin brothers, Raiza and Baca. Teo's new experiences make him question his father's life's purpose, and secrets about the machine come to light.
Director Photo
V. Checa was born in Lima, Peru in 1986. He has directed three short films, "Jauregui", "Perform", and "Louis Trent" (2013 National Short Film Contest). In 2014 he was selected for the Locarno Summer Academy and the Berlinale Talents (Bafici). In 2016, he was selected to participate in the Moulin d'Andé writing residence sponsored by the Center National du Cinéma et de l'image animée (CNC). His first feature film, The Shape of Things to Come, a co-production between Peru, Mexico, Ecuador and Spain, won the Feature Film Production Award from the Ministry of Culture (Dafo) and the Ibero-American Co-production Award (Ibermedia). The project won both post-production project awarded by the Lima 2020 Film Festival, the Spanish distribution award at the Malaga Film Festival, and the post-production award at the Viña del Mar Film Festival.
Type of Film Feature
Country of Origin Peru
Year Film Was Completed 2021
Runtime 82 minutes
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Social media Handles @Outsiderpics
Director V. Checa
Written by V. Checa
Cinematography Fergan Chávez Ferrer
Edited by Miguel de la Barra
Music by Mueran Humanos, Voz Propia, Ignacio Briceño y Ale Hop, Jinsop, Cadena Nacional
Sound Design Esteban Brauer
Art Direction Sandro Angobaldo
Main Cast Fermando Bacillio, Lorenzo Molina, Paulina Bazan, Jeremi Garcia, Jose Flores