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US Premiere

The Other Shape

Directed by Diego Felipe Guzmán

Colombia, Brasil | 93 min | 2023

Trying to enter in a square paradise, Peter Press, the citizen most obsessed with "fit", discovers a different shape in the world.

In the near future, humanity builds an artificial "square paradise" on the surface of the moon, which can only be reached if each one has the appearance and the way of thinking of a square. To achieve this goal, people use "squareism machines": presses, corrective devices and cosmetic surgeries that mold their bodies like cubes and close their minds to questioning.

Peter Press, probably the most obsessed citizen to fit in that world, has been living with a press in his head for 20 years and has just completed his Squarism process. About to get the passage to the moon, an incident forces him to take the press off, and observe a different form. The new shape shakes the foundations of its doctrine and jeopardizes its entrance to the precious Eden.
Director Photo
Diego is a Visual Artist at the National University of Colombia and majored in Animation. He has 12 years of experience in animation. His works include "Old Folk Tales" (TV series) Desterrada, and "The Silence of War". All with emphasis on 2d Traditional animation.

In 2016 he participated in the animation laboratory Bridging the Gap in Spain. His projects have won several national awards in Film and Art.
Type of Film Feature
Country of Origin Colombia, Brasil
Year Film Was Completed 2023
Runtime 93 min
Director Diego Felipe Guzmán
Produced by Carlos Smith
Written by Diego Felipe Guzmán
Edited by Diana Eraso
Music by Daniel Velasco
Sound Design Arcadia Sonora
Art Direction Sergio Chaves
Main Cast Jeka Garcés, Fabián Blanco, Sergio Barbosa